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Secretly Playing the Game of Love #1

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At a Cross Road

The people of the island are groaning under the new leadership because of the economic meltdown that is ravaging the island, less than ten percent of the people living in the island could say they can eat three square meals a day. Many people within the island eat once a

day, while some percentage eat twice a day and others eat on alternate days, that is when they eat today, they will skip tomorrow and would eat the next day. When someone initially told me this, I could not believe my ears and was thinking it is an exaggeration. The person

told me because I barely go out, interact with people that is why I do not know such a thing is happening in the society. Despite him telling me this, yet I did not believe him because I was thinking the person who told me has joined many other people in the island who are all

Out to discredit the leadership of the island. Therefore, I have distanced myself from the young man, because I do not belong to the class of people who will be tarnishing the image of our leaders. I do not like politics, neither do I ever wish to become a politician in my life,

What I love being, I have been toeing the path and I do not wish to leave the terrain. Months have passed since he told me this, before what happened happen which makes me believe the young man was saying the truth. One of my sons was in romantic relationship

With a lady very close by our house, my son and this lady are student in the same university. Although, I have known them to be in love, the parents of the lady I also know, because we live in the same neighborhood and we are doing the landlord’s meeting together

Every first Saturday of the month. However, the young damsel has told her lover that her parents would not like to see her being in romantic relationship with anyone at that moment, thence, she told him that they should be playing their game silently. Well, at the initial my


Son was not happy with what she has said and he wants to back out of the relationship with the damsel, but because I am his confidant at home, he calls me one Sunday after we returned home from the church that he has something he wants to share with me and needs my

counsel. He told me about her, and that he has proposed to her and she has accepted his proposal, but according to the lay down rules in her family, she wants us to be playing the game of love secretly. My son says, he does not like what the damsel told him and he was

Thinking that what she wants to do is disappoint him later in life. He says, because from some of the histories of lovers that he has read in the time past he has discovered that those who told their partners that they should be playing silent love, do so because their hearts are

Not on their lovers, and most of them usually turn around to jilt their lovers when their lovers need them most. He has been ruminating on this for a while, according to him, and it has been gravely affecting him because I see that he really loves the lady, having now seen

that he has been negatively affected psychologically, by what she told him, now he discovers he cannot swallow the pill alone and needs an elderly advise on it. I poured a wine inside the wine cup, handing over a cup to him, poured wine into it, ask him to drink, calming

Him down as I start talking with him. I have been noticing your disposition for a while and could see from your eyes that you are disturbed, but I really could not pick what could be weighing down your heart. I have talked with your mother, who also says she noticed that

Your mien has changed and we have secretly been praying for you that God would deliver you from any cross road which you may be. I am elated that you have come to me with your burden.


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