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Poems-Secret Whispers in the Dark & Nature Has Her Secrets

Nithya Venkat enjoys writing about nature and different aspects of life in the form of poetic verses.

Secrets Never to be Told

Secrets Never to be Told

Brenda Arledge is a dear friend and wonderful poet who writes here on HubPages and many other online platforms. Every week she gives a prompt to inspire us, writers, to start penning their thoughts and emotions in the form of a poem, a short story, a song, or any combination. The only requirement is to relax and have fun writing.

This poem is in response to the word prompt "Secrets" given in Words Prompt Help Creativity Week - 31.


Secrets are better sealed never to see the light of day. But, once the secrets are let out it is all chaos and confusion in the lives of the people involved.

Secret Whispers in the Dark

Secret whispers in the dark

Branches heavy thrashing about

Listening to words never to be told

Seeing images that one can never behold

Whispers in the wind

Can you hear

Words drenched in bitterness

In anger, in tears

A cauldron of emotions boiling over

Ready to spill with bitter tongues

Poisoning life climbing rung by rung

Squeezing out the remaining life

Causing bitterness anguish and strife

Secrets are better sealed

With the kiss of death

Never to be revealed

Take Care of Nature

Take Care of Nature

Nature Has Her Secrets

This is another poem in response to the word prompt "Secrets" given in Words Prompt Help Creativity Week - 31.

Nature is a gift from above, we have to nurture and take care of Nature for life to last on Planet Earth.


Nature has her secrets

That she never tells

Hidden in each valley

On the earth where we dwell

Nature has her secrets

In every golden drop of sun

The moon and the stars

Where silver reams are spun

The secret of the rainbow

The colors that shine bright

You can never decipher

How she paints to our delight

The secret of the raindrop

Sliding off the green green grass

The color that holds the secrets

Life's essence for it to last

The essence of the wind

In every breathe that we take

Rejuvenating each moment

In Nature's abundance, we partake

Always know that Nature

Is a boon, a gift from above

Know that if we mistreat her

Life on earth just won't last

© 2021 Nithya Venkat

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