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Secret Keeper

It all started in a forest with sky-heightened trees,
When I was part of one of the breeches,
Lived with leaves and enjoyed the calm breezes,
It was my life with eases and pleases.

Then a man came to forest to tear us away,
Broke us into pieces and left us astray,
We left the forest with our tortured souls,
With a wish to recover and live one more day.

He took us to his cart and placed us there,
Drove to his factory and settled our layers,
Passed us through savage procedures with no care,
Made paper out of us for his income of this year.

We shouted, we cried because of the pain,
We screeched, we shrieked with eyes about to drain,
We tried our luck because we were insane,
But no one heard us, all in vain.

Now I am with you to share your dreams,
Listen to your stories and bear them on me,
I am your partner and you are mine,
So be my soulmate and i'll be your lifeline.