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Seasons change Poem

I am who I am. I write poetry and paint really badly. Please be patient.

Seasons Change

Our relationship blew over

Like the wind on trees.

Was I just a clover

Crushed by the large oceans

Of your eyes’ powerful gaze.

What of the life we had?

Were we just in the cruel maze Of life,

between a good and a bad?

Our threads undone

Our eyes unwon.

Cautious lies,

like knives

My heart is bleeding

For the loss of yours.

But as the wind leaves

Every season, I too will

Move on and find another

Tree to bend.

© 2019 Wendy Engela


Wendy Engela (author) from Port Elizabeth on April 07, 2019:

Thank you :)

Velcro on April 06, 2019:

Such a heartfelt verse with such deep meanings embedded in it. Sometimes moving on is the best we can do but we can still wait for the wind to blow in the same season again....every word touched my heart...Thanks for sharing !!

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