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Season of Light

I enjoy expressing my thoughts through poetry, travel, well-being, and business tips.

Season of Light

Season of Light

By chance we crossed paths on a mild winter evening around nine

You led me to discover your light as you curiously noticed mine

Days went on and I could feel your warmth now from a distance

Comforting and soothing; you wore down my resistance.

A tender and subtle distant dance of souls slowly bonding

With caring, laughter and feelings growing so fondly

Our hearts open to wonder; we were lost in our own world

It seemed destined to grow past the season, beyond a brief whirl.

The myriad of memorable moments, the words we have said

Seemed precious and true, but down a rocky path we were led

Strong winds of seasons change tore our bond apart

Inevitably and truly then bruising my heart.

Once guiding me to a place so happy and bright

I became lost and lonely with the dimming of your light

Aimless and adrift as your glow faded, harder to see

Still the power of that season, I'll always hold within me.

© 2021 Nella DiCarlo

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