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Searching for a Discounted Connection

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

On the road to finding a better piece of mind after a turbulent year

For everyone and for those closer to home than ever before

Started to feel some balance come to the foreground

Only to be a hit by an unexpected curveball that no one could believe

Especially as it whizzed by at 100 miles an hour

A fastball going at supersonic speed and no glove to catch

Felt the fear as it seemed to get closer into personal territory

Unable to duck from its trajectory as it was coming

What a metaphor for what happened next

And the hidden symbolism that took a few days to decipher

Woke up a cold and panicked sweat one early morning

Had a fever dream of going backwards on the evolutionary scale

Allowing a long forgotten swindler back into the picture

Who stole hearts, flowers and dignity as they sashayed out the door

Spooked at first that the narrator was backsliding on promises

To forget as they washed the memory and stench out of their hair

Realized that it wasn't even about them at all

Too much time and bitterness passed to return to that poisoned well

Repeating the past never an option; due to usually same results

No return value on an unwinnable race from the start

Cut those losses once and for all

Realistically, story about a lonely protagonist searching for something

A connection no matter how intangible or tainted

Ironically about a past player that had no role left in narrative

A future stunted due to world events

A private home movie reimagining past and present events

Telling a story as a test to see what your true resolve was

Stronger than it once was and will continue to grow

As the days, weeks and months go on

No longer longing to go back in time

Eager to cut that cord and step into a new kind of era

One where reality no longer bites back twice as hard

We'll see how that goes.

Time to step into the light and perform a new chapter in this story.

Time to step into the light and perform a new chapter in this story.

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