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Searching for a Different Type of Horizon

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Hoped that a new year would be start of something

Different than the previous one brought about

Stuck in a solitary tomb of realistic protection

Scared to be near people as the science fiction of real life

Made it impossible to do anything but being socially distant

Completing tasks during a 40 hour week felt like a special island

Only communicating through phone and necessary emails

Will be strange and alien to return to normal civilized activities

Unlikely to happen anytime soon, but one can be hopeful

Frustrated by not having any new material to be creative

Locked in a pattern of an isolated past difficult to erase

Doesn't help when Mother Nature seemed to be in a bad mood

On a regular basis at least twice a week or more

Optimism buried under streaming services and sarcasm

Genuine cheerfulness bordered on being synthetic

Unnatural when Washington D.C. full of dubiousness

Having trouble feeling inspired about anything of substance

World portrayed by mass media as complete mess

Hard to believe sometimes when no one spoke objectively

Opinions and half truths sprouted out to keep content going

Reality television edited in near sitcom like format

Nearly had a laugh track added for good measure

Along with a studio audience to give it that phony feeling

Eye rolling moments of dating sight commercial with pop songs

To signify that your "love story" is about to begin

What a crock when it was hard to connect with anyone face to face

Made catfishing all the more realistic in these uncertain times

Ratcheting trust issues up a few notches

Preferred the idea of being alone to wash off the stench of last year

And other not so recent disasters brought on by everything else

Easier to work on developing the now extinguished creative spark

Searching for the right match and a strong enough fire

To keep it going; until something more substantial comes along

Looking to generate a true spark.

Looking to generate a true spark.

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