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Searching for Signs of Life and a New Chapter

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Brain resembled pulverized Cream of Wheat

After it was once top tier ground sirloin

All of the intellectual juices sapped out of it

Sat out too long outside in the 100 degree heat

Suffered from dehydration to the point of exhaustion

Energy bar supply depleted to only 1 percent

Time moved at a snail's like pub crawl pace

Eight hours resembled more of a 16 hour day

Hours dragged by with passing minute

No way to make it fly by faster

Aisle of cubicle dwelling sleepwalkers

Drained of life and personality to boot

Craved nothing but brains and Milky Ways

Became a wannabe extra of The Walking Dead

Instead of an active productive member of society

A pod person that resembled a lost Stepford Wife

Someone from a bygone era where thoughts were outlawed

Opinions considered an illegal currency to spouses

Who wanted docile creatures instead of partners

Men who craved a porn star in the bedroom

And a domestic goddess in the kitchen

Humidity setting into the point of insanity

Lucid thoughts faded away at lunchtime

Left with bottom of the barrel material

That only a bargain basement stand-up comic

Would touch with a ten foot pole

Ready for the end of the work day to arrive

The bell going off and the mass exodus beginning

Too many bored cave dwellers searching for sunlight

Freedom for only a few hours before cycle begins again

Lather, rinse, repeat with the same generic routine

Thank goodness for DVR and junk television

Get the mind off the tediousness of being a mindless drone

Flying too low above the ground; only supervising

Never acting part of the narrative

Want to write my own story as an active participant

Just need some material and brain power to create it

That's what a good vacation was for.

Won't be here soon enough.

Time going by so slowly during an eight hour work day.

Time going by so slowly during an eight hour work day.

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