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Searching For a Page

I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Books Pages Story Stories Notes Reminder Remember

Books Pages Story Stories Notes Reminder Remember

Words beckon the page to speak of them.
They are at a loss as to what they want to say.
The feel lost without a voice.
Don’t forget us. Talk of us. We live with you every day.

We flow in and out of your mind with quiet reflection.
You meditate on us, about us, with us.
We have something to say.
Ask us and we will pass on the knowledge of a thousand worlds.

Our meaning is precise.
It can pierce as a two-edged sword.
Merge with us in eternity.
Time can not limit us.

Come, be with us.
We will make ourselves known.
Live with us on the pages of life.
We will fill you with fiction and fantasy.
Our words are well known as the life-blood that flows forever on in your mind.
You can not escape us.
You will not want to escape us.

We will help you say what it is you are at a loss to say.
Just look in a book, a dictionary.
We will always be there waiting for you.
Spy on us. Enlighten your heart and mind with our guidance.
Ask us for counsel.

Ask of us and we will show you the way.
We won’t fail you.
We will love you forever more.
Learn of patience.
Return our love with words on a page.

As paper is formed so is a story written on the pages of our hearts.
Remember our knowledge.
Get lost in our text.
We are here to convey, inform, educate.

Transpose us and we will instruct you.
We will be on the page silently waiting for your eyes to awaken us.
We will fill your mind with living words.
May you replicate our essence to create more.

Fill pages with us that come to life.
Our syllables and sonants are alive.
They breathe life into your mind as endless letters searching for words.
Become one with us so that we live on forever more.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak

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