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Search of Love...

I am an orphan... My favorite job is writing. My girlfriend calls me ''Parwana''

A person looking at the outside view.

A person looking at the outside view.

I Look for Love.......

I've been walking around with my cup of love,

Always looking for love.

I've been wandering in many cities,

Always looking for longing...

I'm always falling in love,

Always searching for golden moments.

I crave love,

Looking for love all the time...

In birds, animals, humans,

I want to find love.

I am a traveler, in villages, in cities, in rivers, in waterfalls,

In flowing winds, in moving thoughts, in instinctive feelings

I keep searching for love...



With a cup of love, I leave the house,

Who calls me.

Bowing down to him, I come

I go out in search of love every day.,

I leaving the house thinking,

I always go in search of love.

I constantly discover new ideas,

I come home from morning till evening...

I'm always deeply in love,

I am a traveler, I live like a traveler.

I neither hate anyone nor distinguish me,

I just keep going like a traveler...

How to Get Love...

The deeper you look for love, the deeper you get...