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Search for Better Tomorrows: Optimism's Hidden Journey

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Once believed in anything being totally possible

Happiness, or the optical illusion of it, within grasp

Turned out to be total lie brought on by a charlatan

Pretending to be the genuine article of clothing

Ready to wrap around your heart and suffocate you

Gave up on the notion of happiness for two

Reserved permanent seating in restaurants for one

Never used to do that, but the romantic naivete

Has come and gone since the Trickster came and went

Cruelly dancing away from this complete fabrication

Rose colored glasses stopped being produced

By the factory that allowed to cover up the truth

What a difference two months makes in life

Going in one completely different direction

Before being snapped forcibly back into another

Not by choice of course; it's never that option

You never choose to get pulled left instead of right

Dragged by your bootstraps by U.S. Marshals

Ripping you from the confines of your own bedroom

Away from the nice and comfy blue flannel sheets

Into the freezing Artic chill temperatures of outside

Nice weather if you're a Penguin in December

Surrounded by millions of ice cubes in Antarctica

Lost all sense of internal and external direction

Brain's compass has gone off the grid completely

Secretly dreading the first batch of holidays alone

Particularly, New Year's Eve and Valentine's Day

At least no need to buy presents for someone unworthy of them

Lousy timing on being alone; but timing never works out

Making one mistake can cost a person their job and livelihood

Living hand to fist to stay financially afloat and lying to loved ones

To cover up the truth; thankfully that's not this particular case

That was The Trickster's problem; not mine

My situation worked differently, which was to forget them entirely

Can't really do that, so will end up putting the memories

Under lock and key in order to look ahead and not backwards

Only led to heartache and always looking over your shoulder

Will one day be happy; even if it was just as a party of one

Better to be genuinely happy instead of living a lie

A house of cards that always fell apart when time was right

One gust of wind toppled everything down

Best to find a sturdy foundation to build future on

Strongest insurance policy to have in any case

Once that's done, then finding a true partner can commence

Not a moment sooner.

Better to be alone than with lousy company.

Better to be alone than with lousy company.