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Sea of Love

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We are free to sail the invisible sea.

Yes, this sea of love is one we could only see.

Our ship is made from our hearts.

Our minds and souls connect to be our guides.

The sea maybe invisible but we can feel this sea of love.

Is this sea such a mystery, when we have sailed it over and over again?

How many people ask when will they feel true love?

How many leave their love only to fall in love again?

How many pass by the sea of love?

We my love, are very fortunate to have the eyes to see the sea of love.

We are lucky to have ears to hear love's calling.

I can feel the waves of love wash over me as the sea washes over you while you swim.

You are the only man I will follow on this sea of love.

Yes, we are sailing in our hearts on the sea of love.

We are guided by our minds.

We feel the sea within our souls.

In us is only room for love alone.

No, love is not a mystery to us.

This love between us is the power we have.

For this love, I am glad to have.

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