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Sea the Light

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On that baneful day, when Craig's mater was propelling him in his preambulatory, did come the pitch...the plunge...the unyielding tree... the sudden cessation of flight. At least he now does C the light! The push, the pitch, the impacting pate. A stumble, a settling hand too late. The attending physician did promulgate, "These matters are unsettled, ma'am, a simpleton, a dunderhead? Be glad at least, your child's not dead!"

C the Light

Progenitors in the haymow did roll

La Bruja cast an ominous spell

Less a year, a newborn soul

What would happen next only time would tell

A bridle and a hackamore

The blinders and a whip

Though punished most severely

The youngster still would quip

The bullies would torment the lad

And C still had his words verbose

The schoolyard and the streets were sad

He was loquacious, garrulous at most

He may stand his ground

Or take to flight

At every sound

He'd see the light

He'd show them all, he'd get them back

To Craig this bane, this botheration

He'd talk and talk and yak and yak!

Would go on and on without cessation

He'd use his words, his talking skill

"I'll slay them all with words that kill.

I'll be seditious, flagitious, mercurial

Continue till they get their fill."

"I'll incommode, disdain, erode,

The coruscating words will shine

The villanell, the sonnet, the ode

The acerbic wit will be sublime.”

"I'll shoot them down with words and rhyme

I'll serve it up in obbligato

I've got the goods, I've got the time!

I'll put them down and they'll never know!"

"I'll serve them up the words, a salad

To say whatever it is I want

Iambic pentameter, sestina, a ballad!

Oh how it is I love to taunt!"

"I'll craft my words in antique language

They'll need an English cicerone

If words can pain they'll need a bandage

They should have all left me alone!"

"Sardonicism, Haiku invective

Melodious, maliferous leaning

They'll need a lexicon detective

To catch my drift, to sift my meaning"

"They'll need far more than silken voile

I'll hit them with a heavy verb

I'll pierce them with a word-like foil

An adjective, a stinging herb."

"Those diminutives, those lilliputens!

I'll hit them once and once again

And when I'm done and when it ends

I'll sing my triumphant songs, my paeans."

And now as velvet curtain closes

Contralto sings and ends the verses

The child who once was so precocious

Now leaves the stage not so verbocious

The cell is padded the door is locked

Thorazene administered, the time is clocked

The lights are off, it's time for bed

It happened all inside his head!