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Poetry of Dreams

Genevieve is a aspiring poet and writer who loves to read. Book recommendations are encouraged! All genres welcome

Sea of Dreams

In the night, when

no-one is watching

And everyone is ignorant,

of every passing

Our hearts betray

our inner most longings

to unnatural eyes

that know no rest

The murmurs of hope

anguish cries of despair

Who is to guard our secrets

when we are not there?

Our hearts a book

our minds a game

The glowing rivers of dreams unmade

Long lost belongings

secret crushes denied

Why are we all so benign?

Our deep dark secrets

always float to the top

when consciousness is claimed

by Nox’s firm grasp

A stream keeps its course

wherever it goes

even the mightiest minds

cannot stop its flow

Just like rivers of dreams

we float out at night

Will always be realized

with hope at it’s side.


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