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Sea Idyll or, The Protean Shepherd

This is one of the poems I am including in my pastoral poetry collection. It references (very subtly) Vergil's Eclogue 6 and Georgic 4.

lay me down to rest
in the lea of the lapping waves
covered overhead by the cove
cave of the sealy shepherd
ever-changing shapes
with the tide

I will plow in Proteus’ pasture
a spirit of the spewing foam
facing the open field of the sea
unalone supervised by sunsets
ever-changing sights upon the shore

do I tend forevermore the lost
the washed-up come to be shepherded
back to the course of a trek
toward eventuality’s swell

eventuality has come to me in
the strong arms of the shore-comber
his own eventuality comes
in the crashing waves that made
Atlantis harvest kelp for no reason
other than to continue remembering

I don’t need to remember
resting in the lapping waves
alive in a place almost forgotten
in the cove of the seal-herd
loving lolling in the lull of his arms
before losing the vast fields
to waves of memory


© 2020 Abigail Siegel

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