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Scrub Preserve Reflections

Maya Ellenson is keen on creating unconventional poetry and prose, inspired by what the moment reveals.

Florida Scrub Preserve Late Afternoon

Hobe Sound Scrub Preserve, Florida

Hobe Sound Scrub Preserve, Florida

Nature's Green Womb

This Sunday afternoon

Mother Earth is unveiling

her greenest womb ever-

a new trail into the Florida scrub-

unseen but open-


to bystanders diving into the woods

as they meander downtown

just before the dusk settles

coywolves daydreaming

before their eyes flare up

like candles to sneak upon the spotted prey

casting their wild shadows

upon the pearl-white sugar sands

strewn across the land

akin to relics of the snow

tinted with the Sun’s pallid gold

as Winter still holds its prana

before letting go-

a parallel universe

running at its own rhythm

echoing the Earth's throbbing magma

along the cars

and paved roads