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Scribbled Memoir

She is the only child of the family. She loves her mother so much but sometimes she makes mistakes and hurt her. This poetry is for her.

Gentle Embrace

For the first time you held me in your arms so gentle. You’re afraid to break me even if it was a little.

Your tears fell as you saw me cry. In your eyes, there was a happiness that you can’t deny.

You were happy but at the same time afraid. You didn’t know how tomorrow will aid.

But you promised to raise me with the best of your ability. But Mom – being a mother was not about talent; it was beyond responsibility.

Proud of Me

When I was in pre-school, you made me wear clothes that I don’t like – shorts and sleeveless and spaghetti strap at the back – during our Christmas party.

My brows furrowed because they were uncomfortable to wear. I danced on the stage while you just sat there smiling.

I didn’t know back then that you were proud of me not just because I danced gracefully but also I look good in what you made me wear.

Travel to the City

I was woken up by the sound of something. I opened my eyes to see what was chattering. And then I saw you preparing.

Right there and then, I knew you were going somewhere. To the place that was far from me – far from here.
I cried – begging you to take me. I am pleading you to bring me with you.
And so you did – you brought me to the city. On the bus you held me tightly.

Even if your arms were tired, you didn’t let go of me. Even if you were sleepy, you didn’t sleep but instead you made me sleep.

My head was on your lap and held me when the bus came to an abrupt stop.
For me the travel to the city was very comforting but for you it was beyond exhausting.

But you endured it all day long – because you love your daughter much more than your favourite song.