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Screaming Silence

A Raging Inferno

Prepared to Tear Down Everything Possible

To The Ground

Sleeps Quietly

Beneath the Gentle Waves!

The Monster was Born

In a Silent World

Where voices have Passed Away

In Great Pain

One by One!

You know not Him

You Better know Not

Let Din be Your only succour

Lest the Ground

Beneath Your Feet

Caves in to the Realm of Silence!

The Uncontrollable Rage

Cares for the Woods

The Flora and Fauna

You Care Not

And so he sleeps

In his own Pyre

Wide awake in Silence!

The Ripples of Thunder

Knows No Barrier Strong Enough

Neither Heaven Nor Hell

To Rein in Him

Yet he looks

Upon the Night Sky

To Find a Million Friends!

The Chambers of Hell

Bears the Blood and Gory trail

Of Murdered Birds

That couldn’t Fly

Before being Slaughtered Mercilessly!

Yet the Phoenix

Still Rises from the Dead

To Mock the Inferno

Unaware of its ‘Fearful Rage’!

Days and Nights

Never Age

In the Dilapidated Sepulchre

Where lies to Final Rest

The Hell-raiser

You Dare know Not

For Your Good

As You know Not

The White Dove

Who Flew in the Blue Ocean

With Broken Wings

And a ‘Million Wounds’!

© 2018 Smarajit Chowdhury

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