Science Killed Me

Updated on November 1, 2017
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I've Masters in Science, but it is merely an accident, it was never intentional.

To Science

In my childhood, I did all to be feeling merry

But ran away from science, as it was scary

The classrooms depicted scenes of poetry

Colorful walls decorated with scientific imagery

The experiments, the theories and the practicals

Had me covered, from high-school till College's road

I, like a frightened soul, kept science at arm's length

But misery had the final laugh,

When I opted for science

Brutally forced by my own blood;

I was thrown into wild orchard

Of science, till I forgot what is chilled,

And what is honor and skilled

But gradually, the old raven of logic,

Picked me for a final mission

Gave me scientific logic of precision,

Conceptual balance of soul

I began to love what I hated the most,

I began to fall in her arm's haul

Now is the time that I adore Science,

and now I am not at all feeling killed

I impart science to pupils, drink Coke,

Watch astronomy and Bio and stay chilled

© 2017 Kashif Ali Abbas


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