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School Journey

A dedicated Digital Marketer, with a passion for writing articles and poetry.


When i look back into the time,

The time that has passed so soon,

The time in which people changed,

As change the phases of the moon.

I still know that day,

That day my first in school,

That day when mum dressed me up,

And said "Don't break any rule".

I felt out of place,

Cause I found no reason to cry,

And all were crying except one,

Who was busy finishing the choc pie!

Kindergarden was so much fun,

With those 101 attempts to impress our teachers,

Time and again they would say,

"Dear children, you are the future leaders".

Came the primary school,

And leaders we did become,

Divided into the groups were classes,

Oh! We were so dumb!

All we did,

Was create misunderstanding,

Proving each other wrong,

And time to time fighting,

Babbling about our uncles and aunts.

Came into the junior school,

Acts of sanity were expected,

From 'us', the bunch of fools.

Grew the mischief,

As grew we,

What became our tagline was,

"No one is better than me".

But now, When the end of this phase is nears,

Our painful eyes shed tears,

How will life be after school?

Certainly not all this cool.

We'll miss our friends' comforting eyes,

And their uncountable helpful lies,

But above all, we'll miss our teachers, the jewels,

Of our alma mater, Summer Fields School.

© 2017 Simmar Singh

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