Scary Rhymes

Updated on December 15, 2017

Scary Movie

A killer threatens a girl at night.
She prepares for Halloween the same night.
He kills her and CINDY CAMPBELL hears about it.
Meets with her friends and they talk about it.
What happened is all around campus.
First, they remember the night.
That night shined a light.
Light on what they are dealing with.
The night when they first got in the accident.
It was the night that they killed.
The night that Cindy was not too thrilled.
The campus is filled with news and deputies.
The killer is seen haunting.
Haunting all the friends.
The killer even sends.
Sends Cindy a letter in class.
Cindy is then forced to ask.
Ask the school resource officer.
About the incidents that occurred after.
After the accident that night.
The killer is causing much strife.
Cindy later finds that DOOFY.
Has information about the story.
Cindy is getting clowned.
Until another friend is taken down.
Cindy and her friends panic.
The news gets live coverage.
Live coverage of the killer.
Other friends killed after.
Cindy's the only one remaining.
She later realizes that Doofy.
He was the killer all along.
He runs off with Gail Hailstorm.
Turns out, none of her friends died.
In the end, they reveal how to survive.

Guest Appearances
Ana Faris
Cindy Campbell
Keenon Ivory Wayans
Reginal Hall
Carmen Electra
Shawn Wayans
Dave Sheridan
Marlon Wayans
Jon Abrahams

Scary Movie 2

A young girl is under possession.
A priest came for a depossession.
The possession came from the old owner.
She showed up during a formal dinner.
She insulted her mom and her friends.
Urinating until in front of her friends.
Forcing her mom to call other priests.
This time it's two she seeks.
The men attempt to tag team.
But they end up failing.
The girl ends up vomiting.
The priests only option is killing.
A year later the surviving victims.
Are in college sharing their wisdom.
Trying to live their new lives.
Excited because they survived.
Goes to a local mansion.
Hartman is his assistant.
They find that the home is haunted.
They go to find test subjects.
Using CINDY and her friends to do it.
They all move in.
They all meet new friends.
Cindy later finds an old diary.
Then sees an image in the diary.
Her friends say that Cindy.
Resembles the image in the diary.
Meanwhile, there's activity around the house.
Some weird things are happening in the house.
Her friends are seduced but little is killed.
They find that the haunted house is real.

Guest Appearances
Ana Faris
Cindy Campbell
Tori Spelling
Regina Hall
James Woods
Shawn Wayans
Andy Richtner
Marlon Wayans
Tim Curry

Scary Movie 3

Two friends are talking.
About a commercial was seen on TV.
They obtained a copy of it.
Looking closer and came to a conclusion.
One thought it was a sex tape.
The other thought it was a cursed tape.
They both experience occurrences.
Those occurrences end up killing.
Killing both of the friends.
While on a farm TOM LOGAN.
Sees a crop circle on his farm.
Alongside his brother on his farm.
The circle says to attack here.
Immediately striking fear.
Meanwhile, CINDY has changed her hair.
She is also reporting the circle there.
She picks up on the paranormal activity.
Then it's confirmed by her nephew Cody.
Confirmed because of his teacher.
They watched the cursed tape later.
The tape strikes fear in them both.
But it hits one of them close.
She ends up dying.
They attempt reviving.
The tape is re-watched by Cindy.
She then gets a call to say she's dying.
She finds it very strange.
Calling her friends to come and stay.
One, in particular, offers a cure.
Telling Cindy a lighthouse is a cure.
Cindy searches to find the house.
She finds the lighthouse.
That she saw in the tape.
Dhr tries warning others before it's too late.
Others see the tape.
Aliens try destroying the human race.
There have been various sightings.
Cindy even ends up fighting.
Fighting for the human race.
She ends up saving the human race.

Guest Appearances
Ana Faris
Cindy Campbell
Queen Latifah
Simon Rex
George Logan
Kevin Hart
Regina Hall
Anthony Anderson

Scary Movie 4

Two men in a bathroom.
Hear a voice in the room.
Revealing that gas is slowly filling.
Only one of the men will stop it.
They fail to do it.
Meanwhile, CINDY.
Decides to go to the City.
New York. To visit her brother.
She then finds that her brother.
Has died just like her husband.
Leaving her wondering.
Wondering if it's still happening.
Cindy is very lonely.
In desperate need of company.
She reluctantly takes a job offer.
To become a caregiver.
She meets TOM, her neighbor.
She tells him that she's a widower.
The two have something in common.
They both have a love for boxing.
Meanwhile, Cindy is asking questions.
The house may be haunted.
Cindy informs Tom.
That she took a haunted job.
Cindy says she's having visions.
Tom witnesses an invasion.
Tom decides to take his family.
He and Cindy go to leave the city.
Tom hijacks a car.
Trying to convince others in the car.
Miraculously, she sees.
DEBRA in a community.
She thought that Debra had died.
Debra also thought that she died.
Tom and his family.
Are seeing the people rioting.
Months after it all dies down.
Brenda gives birth to a child.
Cindy's no longer lonely.
She and Tom are too busy.

Guest Appearances
Anna Faris
Cindy Campbell
Regina Hall
Craig Bierko
Tom Ryan
Leslie Neilson

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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