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Saying Goodbye to the East Coast Hustler in Disguise

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 14 years.

Seven days have gone by since the emotional atom bomb hit

Destroying everything inside and outside the city gates

Surveying the damage to once long standing structures

Wondered why the early warning systems weren't put in place

To catch this train wreck from happening sooner

Head it off at the pass before the wreckage became apparent

Would've cut ties before the rug was annihilated completely

Not just pulled but incinerated into tiny little ashes

Under the false impression that the search for love was done

Turned out that wasn't the case in the slightest

Blinded by the fluorescent light of artificiality wrapped in a charismatic fake

Ignored the glaring signals until it was too late

Believed that my personal version of Mr. Incredible was real

Not just a villain masquerading as a good guy

Pretending to be a kind, pillar of honesty

When he was nothing but the human equivalent of fool's gold

Pretty on the outside; until you scrape off the veneer

Finding nothing but a house of cards on the inside

Lies wrapped in a Ponzi Scheme to beat all frauds

Was about as mature as a kid throwing a tantrum on the playground

Hated being called a liar and a fake; revealed truths that he couldn't handle

Throwing misery paintballs to keep the drama flowing and to build another falsity

Cannot tell the truth if his life depended on it

Impossible to do when your life is filled with nothing but smoke and mirrors

Deception not a strong foundation to build a future on

Surprised the relationship didn't topple over much sooner than it did

Working hard to recover from being the ultimate victim of the near perfect scam

Faking their way into a relationship that had no future

True test of maturity on how to handle a break-up

Throwing childish stones, or not engaging in such tomfoolery

Guess who won the battle and the war?

Not Mr. Phony; that's for sure.

Working on forgetting him and the emotional voodoo placed on my heart

Easier said than done when it came to washing someone out of your hair

At least, the door closed so that he couldn't get back in if he wanted to

Wouldn't be allowed back in anyways

That was over: case closed.

A way to not deal with grown up problems, especially in relationships.

A way to not deal with grown up problems, especially in relationships.