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College Life For A 40 Year Old!

I earned a degree in Liberal Studies from American University and my passion is writing.

Collegiate Poem

Single in the night sky as one star sits atop the Milky Way

Staring down at my unearthly expectations

How far can my stream of consciousness, stream?

A single idea to return to school bolts through my freckles

Lands on my brain and ignites my passion

I filter through subjects that caused me pain

Nodding at past failures and nudging myself forward

I leap onto the collegiate platform and choke on the trail of prior knockouts

I don't look back

I make new tracks and follow an inner core strength that is so superior

It shocks me and I look up into the dark sky

I spot that single star

All is well as the nighttime shields me

For I plunge into years of triumph

As the years sharpen, I find my star again

The older student that I am, never forgets that shining star!

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