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Saying Goodbye to Our Home With Such Good Bones

Whether a short, yet significant, moment in time or a lifetime of moments, which seem to go by in a flash, they're the threads of our lives.


Moving on.....

After 32 years in the same house, we've just closed the door for the very last time.

The house was built on a patch of land, in the middle of the woods, it was built with love and it was built to last.

We felt it would be the perfect location to raise our children in - and that we did and that it was!

When we were young and dating, we decided that after marriage and before children, we'd work toward finding or building a home where we would want to stay put for a while.

Both my husband and I come from families that moved around, a lot!

About the time we'd get established in our new "hoods", the news would inevitably come, "we're moving kids"!

Mission accomplished

We did stay put and our children grew up

Now that our children are grown and gone, with families of their own, {or in the making} we figured it was the right time to downsize and figure out...what comes next for us.

It has been such a good home!

My father-in-law, who passed away many years ago, had a hand in building it, alongside my husband, his son; but these memories, along with so many other memories, go with him, go with me, go with all of us!

What started out as just a house with a good, solid foundation, turned into a home with a lot of character, a lot of stories to tell; filled with great gatherings and celebrations, filled with love and filled with both happy and sad tears.

Many memories were made, which will go with us, we didn't even have to pack those!

The time has come, as we say goodbye to our home, with such good bones:

The Bones

Good Bones

No corners were cut, from the foundation on up until the final touches were cast

Brick by brick, piece by piece by wasn't just built, it was built to last

Just a house, with walls, ceilings and floors

With many windows and wooden doors

The place where we would raise our kids, instantly transformed from just a house, into our home

Love filled every room, memories began to be formed, over time people would say, this house has such good bones

So many happy celebrations there, with an occasional gathering to remember someone whom we'd loved and lost

And yes we had our challenges and some sad times were to be had, in life we know, it isn't always sunshine and roses, at times, so it seems, there's a cost

The natural circle from room to room to room, which our children made into an indoor course, we'd have to now and then yell, please take a break

In later years would be the very same course that our grandchildren would choose to take

I don't recall ever yelling, the grands weren't told to take a break, they're naturally given a pass

Ahhh, the years sailed by so quickly, the decades went by so fast

At times, four generations would be in our home

The house with a firm foundation, the home with the very good bones

Through hurricanes and pandemics, through so many highs mixed in with a few lows

Our home always stood proudly; referred to as warm, welcoming, comfortable, homey and on it goes...

The greatest compliments of all aren't about the possessions contained within, but what is felt once one has been welcomed in

With all of these emotions all stirred inside, on the final day, I didn't know where to begin -

To express what this grand ole home has meant to so many of us

The thing that made it possible and almost easy to let go and to move on without much fuss

A beautiful family that felt it when they entered in, saying it out loud - this house has such good bones

Now it is theirs, a house that will be made into their home

Theirs; to live in, to love in, to pray in and to entertain in

To make a memory in, each and every day, this house with the very good bones, is ready for new memories to begin

AB Williams


© 2022 A B Williams

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