Say the Old to the Young, Say the Young to the Old: A Conversation of an Adult and a Child

Updated on April 27, 2018
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Louwelyn started writing poems since third grade. Writing has always been and will always be her passion and source of inspiration.

Say the old to the young, why don’t you want me to pry?

You frown at me when I tell you not to do this or not to try.

You feel like you know all things but it’s too early to tell.

After all you are a child and I should keep you in my shell.

Say the young to the old, why are you always afraid?

After all that you’ve been through, you should have been that brave.

You’ve seen what there is to see in this very wide world.

Maybe you should let me see the wonders I’ve been told.

Say the old to the young, that was exactly my child.

After all that I’ve been through, I learned and know enough.

The wonders of the world may be colourful as it seem.

But behind the nice colors, there are blacks in the scheme.

Say the young to the old, maybe you’re just paranoid.

You keep on saying that and tell me there is a void.

Don’t you want me to see the beauty of the world?

I cannot appreciate it, if I am kept in your fold.

Say the old to the young, maybe I am too much to pry.

Maybe I should let you, spread your wings and to fly.

To see all the wonders that even money can’t buy.

I just hope that you’ll be happy and never ever cry.

Say the young to the old, it is right, what you had done.

To let me see the beauty and let me have some fun.

Can’t you see I can do things without you by my side?

After all I’ve grown old enough, I know how to survive.

The young then go as far as the old man can reach.

He didn’t try to look back or offer him a wink.

He flies looking mighty and very, very proud.

He even scorned the old man, as he reaches for the clouds.

But the sunny, shiny weather becomes a very stormy one.

The sky cannot be seen and heavy rains pour down.

The young child cannot fly freely no matter how he tries.

The wind blew very hard that he can only shut his eyes.

The young became weary, and sorry and tired.

He remembers all the comfort that he once have had.

He longs for the soft blankets, and for the coffee and buns.

He cannot find them in the storm, from which he has to run.

Slowly and slowly, he tries to leap and reach.

He flies back to his home, he must return he speaks.

Say the young child to himself, I should have know by now.

That the world is not all rainbows, it also has some browns.

Say the young to the old, I am sorry for being proud.

I thought I knew all things, but I never knew that much.

The beauty in my eyes, may not all be as it looks.

For this world has its own crannies and has its own nooks.

Say the old to the young, come here you need a hug.

After all that you’ve been through, you might be very tired.

I have boiled the coffee, and have toasted the buns.

Come here and have your fill, it will surely make you warm

The prying I have done my child is not because of what you think.

Yes! I do saw the world’s beauty, but I also saw the brinks.

It does have the wonders that had made me feel in awe.

It also does have rainbows but it also have some flaws.

Say the old to the young, can’t you see my child?

I’ve been through a lot, and I’ve been through enough.

I’ve had my fair share of being broken and being blind.

I’ve had lots of losing and that made me understand.

Say the young to the old, don’t you want me to be tough?

Now, I have seen the shallows; I will make it in a fight.

Don’t you want to see your child learning to stand up proud?

With your help I can make it without falling far behind.

Say the old to the young, I want you to be tough.

But first I must prepare you and lead you to a right path.

After all your wings are soft and needs to toughen up.

Your still young, I’m not yet through in molding you inside.

Say the old to the young, just be patient and prepare.

For a time will come for you to fight your own fair share.

You’ll have your own battles and victories and failures.

But for now I must tuck you in, to prepare you for the future.

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    © 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal


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