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Saving My Future

My past self in the moment 2012

My past self in the moment 2012

Wham! that's all she needed to see;

she felt helpless

watching as this man take her confidence away

grabbing her by the neck

holding on till she was gone and seeing stars;

She couldn't breathe

yet after that, she let it play out

believing years later that it was all her fault.

Never in a million years,

I would believe she would let someone take control of her life

In this world, we only live once

Why take this life for granted?

This sweet girl letting a monster dig deep into her soul

taking full control,

How blind can she be?

Can't she see who he really is?

I hope she learned her lesson

knowing he would leave her in the dust and never returning.

Finally seeing the end of the tunnel and trusting men again,

never let someone have that much control over your life

for this is your universe,

choose wisely and forgive the process.

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