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Saved from Embarrassment #3

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


In addition to this, many of them do not need a total overhaul of their details, some’s details have not changed and what they would do is to authenticate what is on their data base for them he conclusively said. Another person perhaps out of those who wants to get new

SIM card also states that it is not fair, they ought to be attended to as they have arrived, but the man insisted that they will not do that, they need to be fair on those people too. After saying that, the people do not really have any choice other than complying with the wishes of

The network providers as they continue to wait. He left them for some minutes only to return again and started to call the names according to the numbers on the list. After calling the name, he will ask them if they want to get new SIM card or they want to re-register, after

They have stated the class they belong to, he will send them to the appropriate person to attend to them. As this continues it gets to his turn around 13:00 hours, when those people look at their data base they discovered that the photo is not his. The young man doing the

Re-registration has alerted their leader of what he discovered and asks of what he needs to do about him. The leader told him that he should tell him to sit somewhere that he will come and attend to the man himself. While doing this he has informed the security personnel

Around to be at alert. They have checked through the photos of the terrorists with them and have discovered that the photo on the SIM card is that of one of the terrorists. The security have called him apart to interrogate him. On interrogating him they discovered that

All the information he has supplied as the details during his earlier registration do not change, except the photo. They pulled out the data base to know where he has done the registration and discovered that the error has come through the person who registered him

Then, he was the one who mistakenly put somebody else’s photo on his SIM card then. The security personnel say they suspect the person who has done the registration and desires to see the person, but when they get to the data base of the person they discovered that he has

Been killed by the terrorists some months back. He could not be working for those people and still be killed by them because it was not recorded that he killed himself, he has been working alongside others in their office when the Improvised Explosive Device (IED)

Detonated at different spots in their office and the office was destroyed, he was one of those who died in the incident. When the security personnel see this report, they agreed that the mistake of the registration has come from the man and not the subscriber. However, he

Was strongly advised by them that the best thing for him to do is to ignore the use of the SIM card and get another one else, they may still trace this and then those people may not intelligently look into his case as they have looked into the case at the moment and he will

Suffer for an unjust cause, what he knows nothing about, even if he will be absolved of that, it may take days and months then, it is better he leaves it and get a new line. He thanked them for their counsel and says that he will do that. After months that the SIM card has not

Been used by him it will be allocated to a new user, one of the security personnel said. He broke the SIM card immediately and bought a new SIM card. He left the place thanking his stars and his God and says assuming this re-registration has not been mandated by the

Government of the island he would one day have been invited by the law enforcement agencies in connection with the terrorists within the island and he would have been grilled and drilled by them for what he is innocent of. When he continues to maintain his innocence

It is certain that he would be sentenced to court for what he knows nothing about. So that the jurists would interpret the iron clad evidence that they have found against him. The best lawyers in the world may not be able to save him from what he will pass through. This is how

Some innocent people suffer for what they know nothing about in the world he says to himself, thanking his stars that he has not close his ears to what the government has said. He afterwards went to banks to change this phone number, because it is the one he is using to

Receive alerts, and all the social media where he has put the number on as his phone number he changed.



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