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Saved from Embarrassment #2

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Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication


The following day he has woken up as early as early could be and headed for the place, but on getting to the place, he was surprised to see that about two hundred people have put down their names and he is number on the register is two hundred and fifteen he asks himself

“do these people sleep here?” As he asks himself this, someone heard him and replies that he is equally surprised when he got to the place and discovers that about one hundred and ninety people have registered. Adding that when he wants to leave home his neighbor was

Saying it is too early that he should wait a while not known to him that he is already late at that time. This is serious! He exclaimed. They sat somewhere and continued to discuss at the center with others while they all await the arrival of those people who will do the

Re-Registration. As they continue to wait so are people turning out, putting down their names with some who their business centers are nearby leaving for their offices promising to come back later, and those whose offices are far, decide that they would stay around, for if they

Leave now, it would be a double loss it is better this is done once and for all. One of the people standing calls one of the street hawkers hawking snacks to bring to him that he is hungry, “I usually eat before I leave home for work, but I cannot prepare food today because

I was saying I am already late and had to get there fast not knowing that I will still be at the back”, he buys the snacks with bottled Coke and water as he starts to eat, as he did this, others too joined and they started talking as they continued to eat the snacks. Someone among

Them started to talk about the history of terrorism in the island saying the genesis of the terrorism in the island is beyond what the government of the island is saying, it is dated back to the time when they have been given them money for services they were not rendering.

When they were doing this they never imagined that the situation of the island would change, they all thought that the situation of the island would continue as they were, they never planned for population explosion that we are witnessing now, neither factored in


Economic meltdown. Now that those have crept in and the people are not receiving what they were receiving like before they turned it to another thing, started kidnapping and becoming terrors in the island he has posited. As the discussion continues like this among

Them the leader of the members of staff who will start the re-registration and registration arrives to address everyone. He states that all would be attended to because they have employed new hands lately, however, those who want to register for new SIM card should

Know that it will be in ratio two to eight. The people standing asks the leader that they do not know what that means and he says, “let me tell you in a language that you will understand, what I am saying is that for every two of the people who want to register for new

SIM card called, eight of the people who want to reregister would be called. Do you now understand me?” They chorus their response “Yes, we do”. “But why is that? Someone asks among those who want to get new SIM card. He replied that, it is because those who have

Been using SIM for long have been customers of the network provider before those of you who are new and they would not have been in need of re-registration if not for the government’s law, human reasonings suggest that they needed to be attended to first, he enthused.