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Saved from Embarrassment #1

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...


In the wake of insurgencies and terrorisms all over the world, added with miscreants actions, kidnappings, the government of the island has compelled everyone within the island to re-register their Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card (lines) because it has been

Discovered that many of the nefarious activities that have been wrought in the island are at first planned through telephone calls and other social media before being carried out. It is also added that if anyone fails to comply with this wish of re-registration such a one’s lines would

Be suspended and the person will pay a fine if he wants to reregister such lines after the suspension has been placed on those lines. The people of the island need hard hand before they will carry out some actions, for many people within the island when they are being

Tendered softly they usually misbehave, and say the island has no law, that it is because they do not know people in the top position nor belong to the top class people, therefore the laws made within the island could be applied to them, but those who are rich and who know

People at the echelon positions, they all are immune against the laws of the island the commoners have continued to say of the laws of the island. However, with the incessant kidnappings, terrorisms that is rampant in the island, the government of the island does not

Want to toy with what they have said, thence, they were the ones who first reregister their SIM lines, and they ensured that the government television broadcasts this life to show the entire people of the island that they are not bluffing about what they have said. If they as the

Leaders of the island could re-register their SIM lines, who then are the followers and other people living within the island to say that the law does not apply to them. We all need to fight the insurgencies and the notorious activities rampant around to a standstill because it is

Negatively affecting the economy of the island as people no longer want to invest in the island again and the foreigners who have invested in the island are leaving the island en-masse in the wake of those insurgencies, they do not want to toy with their lives, life is


Precious they would say as they pack off their industries and things out of the island. As they continue to migrate out of the island, many natives and inhabitants of the island are thrown into the labor markets and the income per capital of the island is negatively affected

Not to mention that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the island is reduced. The analysts have said many of those thrown into the labor market would be forced to join those miscreants and terrorists when they couldn’t find work to do. When this happens they have

Opined that things would be worse than it is at the moment. The government has reasoned along the lines of the economic analysts and have decided that they need to do something drastic on the issue, and what they wanted to start with is the issue of the re-registration of the

SIM cards. When the demand for the re-registration and the registration of new SIM cards have increased, the telecommunication industries within the island have employed some of the young girls and boys to be handling the re-registration and registration so that they would

Not leave people queuing for hours not to say for days before they can be registered. He has also joined other people within the island to go and re-register his SIM card. The first day that he got to the re-registration center the people on queue were many and after waiting for

Hours he decided to leave telling himself that he will return the following day because there is still few days before the re-registration closes.