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Saved Her People

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It is never too late for anyone to discover his/herself in life. Discovering this talent of writing makes me feel elated...

Kofo Lawrence

Kofo Lawrence

Her parents left their village when she was 18 months old for greener pastures in

Another island. As fate would have it, their business prospered in the new island that

They got to, and were able to give her proper education which would have been impossible

Were they to still be in their village they would have not been able to give her proper

Education like people in their place of settlement are doing, because the people of her

Village do not believe in educating a girl-child, they believe educating a girl-child is

A share waste of time and the meager resources that they could afford because when

The girl-child grows up and gets married all the certificates she may have acquired would

Be buried somewhere as she would be kept behind the four walls of the kitchen by her

Spouse. They are indubitably living in the “dark-ages” when people believed women

Could not be of use in the society except procreation and rearing children alone, they do

Not know that things have changed drastically in the society. Though some of them do

Listen to radio, but larger percentage of them do not listen to radio as they will leave

For their farmland exceedingly early in the morning and would not return until extremely

Late in the night while some do return home fortnightly as they had shelters in their farmland

Where they put up at during the period they were in the farmland. Because of this only

Limited number of people within the village know what is going on the larger world, even

When the government of the island sends people to educate them into the village since only

Few inhabitants of the village would be around during the time they will come they will

Miss what the people who have come to educate them have to pass across to them. This is

The situation that is yet prevalent in the village years after her parents migrated out of the

Village, thence it would be extremely hard if not near impossible for them to educate her

If they were still residing in the village. However, when they got to the new island and they

Saw what was in vogue they cannot but toe the paths of others, educating their girl-child

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When she started her education she excels others, and would make appreciable

Progress academically. Soon enough she secures admission to study health related

Courses and has finished in the university. After her graduation she specializes in

Her field and becomes one of the ophthalmologists in the island. After her

Specialization, she traveled with her parents to her village because since the time

She has been taken out of the place she has never stepped there. On getting to her

Village she was amazed by what she saw, as many people within the village have

Been confined to their houses, and could not go to their places of work again because

They could not see properly, even the chief of the village could not discharge his duties

As expected of him because of this same problem. They have attached what happened

To the anger of some kinds of gods that they were worshipping and have over the years

Been appeasing the gods yet nothing changes, things continue to deteriorate for them. On

Examining some of them she discovers that their problems was not total blindness that

They were suffering from glaucoma and could be medically corrected. She offers to help

Them but some of them were afraid and they could not allow for them to go on with what

She wants to do for them. However few among them decide to give what she has told

Them a trial for after all there is no crime in trying. She arranged with the driver and took

Those ones to the island where she works and the needful medical tests and surgery were

Carried out on them. She was successful in what she did for them all after they had

Recovered and they return to their village their sights were restored, and had to tell others

Of what has happened to them.

They told their people of the need to change their orientation and allow western

Education and development into their island, more importantly of the need to allow girl-child

Education in their island. She comes to the village with other health personnel to educate her

People on their health and the need to change their orientation about the girl-child

Education in her land. As a means of encouraging them, she sponsors about hundred of the

Girls to primary schools and promises to follow that up if those girls performed well and

Secure admission into High School. She writes the government about the status of her

Village and the need to do something worthwhile for them. the government and the people

Of her village appreciate what she has done and awarded her.k