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Save the Amazon

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Yenaros' mix of lyricism, detail, and style is a dangerous poetic force to be reckoned with.

Poetry by Yenaros

Poetry by Yenaros

Do something


I’m not the type of guy that

Likes to miss deadlines.

I see that social media

In the United States of America

Isn’t too fond of real headlines.

The Amazon is on fire.

Burning out of control,

The situation looks pretty dire.

I don’t care about Donald Trump’s comments

Right now.

He’s not exactly someone I admire.

Did I touch a nerve there?

I’m on the wire.

I’ll calm down because this isn’t about politics.


I don’t want to be an amplifier.

We’re convinced every day that the world is okay.

They’re liars.

I found out the Amazon was burning by accident thanks to

Google News.

Why didn’t I hear about this prior?

Now, we’re 3 weeks into trees burning due to

Suspect wildfires.

The Amazon produces 20 percent of the world’s oxygen.

Fact of the day.

Here’s a flyer.

One of the wettest places in the world, and it can’t afford

To be any drier.

The Earth’s lungs are struggling to breathe

Through a string of fires that seemed to have been conceived

By unknown forces that snuck through the leaves

To try and give the world cancer.

Climate change is a disease.

© 2019 Yenaros

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