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Save Our World

Dr Kulsum Mehmood is an Eye Consultant in a job. She is a single mother who faced and is facing many lifetime challenges with great courage.

Save Nature ... Save Our World ...


Save Nature


Save Our World

Our world is so beautiful,

To keep us viewing it, save your eye – sight.

Folks, behold the beauty of this world,

God’s perfection in stories untold.

See with your own eyes nature’s panorama,

A vision to behold life’s melodrama.

Perceive with your own eyes fauna and flora,

Perfectly created floral corolla.

Mountains, rivers, and rain forests,

Vegetation, flowers, creatures and the rest.

Humans, do not mess – up with God’s creation,

Shun your misdeeds, do not spoil God’s perfection.

Do not interfere and create air and water pollution,

For heavy traffic and factory waste, find solution.

Do not cut trees, tackle soil erosion,

Plant more trees, discourage deforestation.

Domestic and factory – waste, do not dispose in river,

Find better ways, rather than dispose in water.

Fires, sprays, and factory – emissions damage ozone layer,

These pollutants will result in occurrence of skin cancer.

Spread awareness in masses, about pollution control,

Bring back health and happiness in every individual as a whole.

We have not inherited this planet from our ancestors,

We have borrowed it from our children, to whom it should be returned.

Save Our World ... be Happy ...


© 2021 Dr Kulsum Mehmood