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Save The Earth Before God Gets Angry

Save the earth before God gets angry. If not saved by us global warming will continue to increase. As a result the Earth crying, disaster wi


Earth starts crying
When the mountain starts to run out
By the hands of capital rulers
Used as villa and place of business
Under the pretext of progress of the times
Or just used as a quarry
Mineral material taken home
To be produced into valuables
Which comes down to the hands of stock brokers

The rice fields where the farmers were trying their luck
Now it's starting to narrow
Replaced factories and public housing
With the reason that the world population is getting denser
Or investment from abroad, supporting the economy

Garden where cassava and peanuts are located
Now it's not green and fertile anymore
Youth don't want to be farmers anymore
For reasons that do not produce high salaries
Only enough for lunch and morning
There is no more money than farming
For the purposes of an expensive lifestyle
They choose garden land for sale

Very few people care
Against green fields
Fresh leaves of trees on the mountain
And garden land that begins to disappear

Where are the true inhabitants of the earth?
That maintains nature with a conscience
Will humans care about the earth ?
After God is angry ?
I have no idea
Maybe they just said
It's all nonsense

© 2018 Epa Mustopa