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Save Me Lord

I am Mars from Manila. I worked as an accountant in the morning and write my heart out at night. I love dogs and outdoors so much!


Dear God here is my prayer.

Hear me and fill me with Your awesome wonder.

Oh, Lord! Make me whole again,

Lead me Lord to Your glory.

I stand before Your Holy Throne

Faced with giants I couldn't capture on my own.

I stand with a weary & heavy heart.

I stand with strength falling apart

I am lost, my strength is fading

I am broken and have no shade of winning.

I am desolated, my life is full of dismay

My lips speak a thousand evil ways.

Oh, Lord! Save me!

Save me from the dangerous pit of my anxiety

Save me from the dungeon of my melancholy

Save me Lord from my agony.

Oh, Lord! Please come near me

Hold me, Renew me and Heal me

Fill me with Your wondrous mercy

That I may be able to withstand my adversaries.

When darkness mounts up all over my spirituality

When lying lips whisper to my entirety

When defeats trouble my sanity

Please help me and save me.

Father, I come running into Your Holy ground

Into Your sweet presence, I have ever found

My safety has always been Your lovingkindness

Let me rest within Your holiness.

Save me Lord, and fill me up once more

With strength and dignity, I have lost in this melancholic yore.

Save me, Lord, save me.

This is my prayer today and forevermore.

© 2022 Marian Lazadas

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