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Savage Earth

This is a description and lament on the human on human violence spread all over history.

This poem is a slap at the several instances of bloodshed in the name of faith over hundreds of years. It is a cry for humanity that has become a very rare attribute over the several years of hatred and loathing.


Far away I can hear the screams of burning flesh

An animosity of faith

and a head covered in fearsome pain.

Ash soot and fiery splinters

a blast and a thump of heart.

Swords clash and drive through

as a war cry beckons the rest.

Riots and curfews sprawled in a blanket of murderous rage

Clandestine operations home to home

A killing spree with no logic

A calamity that reveres the blood cloud.

Catchy phrases shouted out loud

Holiness and frenzy all in the same town

Throats slit and carcasses left for vultures to feast

Platitudes ancient with mindless counts.

A symbol of preference enrages

a lesson on carnage

Streets flooded in red gore

Scampering half lives

and a familiar cry of victory.

Repeated throughout history

Epic lores of violence unfold

Why such disturbed anomalies

become the norms that we behold?

© 2019 Tiyasha Maitra

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