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Santa Dear Santa


A little boys letter to santa.

Oh Santa Dear Santa

Oh santa dear santa

what’s a little boy to do?

You sent this horrible little elf

to tell on me to you.

I’d like to get to know him

but I think I might just pass.

You know as well as I do

nobody likes a grass.

I know sometimes I’m naughty

it’s not as if I’m wild.

To push your mummy’s buttons

is part of being a child.

My mummy calls him candy cane

and laughs at what he does

But I know if that was me

she’d kick up such a fuss.

I won’t tell you any stories

about my little elf.

Unlike him I’m not a tell tale

I’ll keep them to myself.

So, keep in mind this message

when he tells you what I do.

For he is not so lily white

he can be naughty too.

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