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Sankhajit Bhattacharjee Poem 211

Scientific Research Fellow in University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


The black cloud has covered the golden morning sky,

the dusty wind has blocked the human eye,

all over there is silence and gloom-

the sound of electric guitar has been turned into

the sound of backdated flute.

As the garbage is thrown into the dustbin,

my turmoil life has thrown my mind into the bin of utter tension.

As the morning fog covers the whole city,

the sheath of tension has covered myself as a whole from top to bottom.

My mind has been departed from my body-

the latter has become a mere existence

while the former has found its place

in the dark, damp and dead graveyard.

You can call me mentally fatigued or disabled,

you will tell, ‘Take it easy.’

To me life is boring without tension

but with it life seems to be thrilling.

In midst of tension I do feel the thrill,

tension never let me to feel bore

though the black cloud, dusty wind, silence, gloom and sound of flute

make me a handicapped temporarily.

© 2021 Sankhajit Bhattacharjee