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Sand Your Grave - A Blitz Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

Grave...our last home made of sand.

Grave...our last home made of sand.

The Backdrop

Last week, our dear friend Brenda, came up with a word prompt “sand”. I have written a poem in response to word “sand”. I have tried writing this poem in the trendy Blitz style which everyone on HP is loving now-a-days. John, Misbah, Brenda and Farah have given a successful attempt to the Blitz poem. After reading their poems, I could not stop myself from giving it an attempt. I have chosen a thyme “sand and grave” for this poem. Hope everyone enjoys reading. Let me know if you like my first attempt. I will be pleased to know how you like it.

Sand Your Grave

We are created from sand

We will be return into the sand

Sand is granular

Sand is loose

Loose yourself of worries

Loose from the worldly griefs

Griefs of yours won’t stop the world

Griefs keep aside, you have so much to explore

Explore your peace

Explore your pleasures

Pleasures are in His blessings

Pleasures are in His willingness

Willingness to learn

Willingness to spread pure love

Love Him who created us

Love Him for He loves us back

Back to Him when life turns you down

Back to Him to bow down when achieved higher position

Position to help someone

Position to pray

Pray to unlock your wishes

Pray before your death

Death can come anytime

Death will be taste by every soul

Soul needs to be clean

Soul is the truth of who we are

Are we living as per His guidelines?

Are we preparing for the life hereafter?

Hereafter life will be everlasting

Hereafter contains peace and happiness

Happiness is in paradise if achieved

Happiness is for short-term in this world

World is a temporary place to live in

World is just a diversion and amusement

Amusement deludes you the Hereafter

Amusement is for a short time

Time is running out

Time is appointed by Him for everyone

Everyone needs to understand self-existence

Everyone needs to understand He exist

Exist to worship Him

Exist to fulfill His plan

Plan to be humble

Plan to put pride aside

Aside keep your arrogance

Aside is your grave

Grave is where goes only you and your deeds

Grave be spacious and comforting



A Reminder

Continue with your good deeds to rest in peace with paradise forever.

Continue with your good deeds to rest in peace with paradise forever.

© 2022 Rozlin

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