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Sand In An Hourglass


Sand in an hourglass,

Keeps a pace precise.

Time passes by so fast,

We need to watch it twice.

Upside down to count the hour,

A tiny space sands travel.

Guided by Earth’s gravity,

No thrills or frills to dazzle.


Hour by hour the hourglass,

Makes a mark so fine.

Just as those of yesterday,

Made history based on time.

Sands shift, seasons change,

The years go by so fast,

Just when things seem new,

It soon becomes the past.


Past lives, sands erase,

Shifting through the cracks.

Just as tiny lies fester,

To appear as though a fact.

Sands in time will wash away,

The problems seen here now.

Do not fret any longer.

No time! No way! No how!

© 2022 Diana L Pierce

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