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San Diego Beaches (A Short Poem) / Dream


San Diego Beaches

Sandy beaches
Pretty sound
Wave of ocean on the ground
Surfers high
Swimmers low
Watch the pretty ocean glow

Stay in sight
So you can see
All the pretty ocean things
Look up high
Not down low
Watch the lovely ocean flow

Bridges high
Currents low
I always watch the ocean flow
Beaches far
Beaches near
Now I'll never shed a tear

'Cuz now I know 
Just where to 
I'll make my mark in San Diego



Dream big 
Dream hard 
Fulfill the dream 
Inside your heart

Dream wild 
Dream true 
Fulfill the dream 
Your soul wants you to

Dream on 
Dream loud 
Dream with the stars 
Dream with the clouds

Dream with hope 
Dream with passion 
Find your internal fire 
Watch inspiration happen


Jamie Lee Hamann from Reno NV on April 09, 2019:

Nice little Ode to the beaches of San Diego. Jamie

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