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Samwise's Ode to The Green Dragon

James has written for various magazines, including Celtic Guide, Mythology Magazine, and Pagan Forest.


Samwise’s Ode to The Green Dragon

Cool breezes of spring for seed,

Muggy summers for growing,

Harvest season for clippers and scythe,

To get it ready for brewing.

In the green and golden fields

Of Hobbiton I do dwell,

Sun drenched warmth amongst the barley stalks,

Dreaming of Rosie and of elves.

Sandyman the Miller gets his share,

The rest for Holman Greenhand for malting.

The seasons of the year are there,

To give us the brew we’re wanting.

So, to the Green Dragon we go!

We’ve certainly earned the draught.

From Bolgers to Boffins, Brandybucks to Baggins,

Tooks and Twofoots (Twofeet!), Grubbs and Chubbs, and even those Sackville dafts.

Their bitter is simply the best,

Goes great with the Gaffer’s Delight.

The small ale is for working all day,

The barleywine to sleep all night.

Too much of their honey nut brown,

Caused Halfast to see trees saunter.

While a pipe full of Hornblower’s Old Toby,

Goes wonderfully with the porter.

After a day of gardening

When there’s need for some tongue wagging,

Or after your day of long hard toil

And you feel your spirits are sagging,

For the gentle Hobbits like dear Bilbo

When they want to raise their flagons,

Come to the inn that has it all

Whose barmaids are unflagging,

Walk down the Bywater Road with your lovely adventurous friends

Have a pint and have a laugh at our beloved Green Dragon.


With respect to J.R.R. Tolkien. The Professor!


© 2021 James Slaven