Same Lane

Updated on May 2, 2018
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Marinette is a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English and a licensed professional teacher in Philippines.

You sing and everyone will listen, I talk but no one pays attention

The miles between us, even if in the same lane, will never connect In my heart, it's your name, you can detect I will never be good enough for you

I'm in the darkness, while the spotlight is on you

You are too much for me

My life and the fame you have, won't fit perfectly

I want to be the one who would protect you

But my soul's wrapped in pain, I need someone to hold on to

You went leftward where you found the right place

My path steers me downward, where in every space, I can see sadness

There are many pairs of eyes that were focused on you

And the screams that you hear from the crowd are loud enough to hinder my call for you

Because as never will the moon meet the sun,

Never will the two of us become one

Never will the day touch the night,

Never will our hearts unite.

© 2018 Marinette


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