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Salute to the Mothers of Those Heroes

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Salute to the mothers of those heroes

Old eyes those gleaming eyes

Whose path are you looking for

Never tired eyes

In the blink of an eye, tears fell

Tears spread on the wrinkles of the face

Closing eyes due to summer sun

Still rolling eyes
Waiting for son

How can these eyes accept defeat?

Son said while leaving

Mother, I want to protect the country

But I will come soon

Mother has been on the way since then

The sacrifice of one mother to protect another mother

Such a big heart can only belong to a mother

Who gave a piece of his life in fact her life

Even today in the interest of her country

And she is waiting for the son

"We salute such mothers"

Who laid down the life of her life
So that our lives may be safe.

© 2021 Swati Sharma

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