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Masterpiece (A Poem for Myself in the Future)

Self in the mirror, reflection's from the olden

Hazy vision, dizzy head, take a trip down memory lane.

Split second, heartbeat's focused onto something

A brief reverie of memory is now swiftly echoing.

Adversity that led laughters to heart breaks-

tenderness to bitterness, and hope to despair.

Tough it was to you, to delve this life's uncertainty

But it's your thirst that made all the breakouts into breakthroughs.

Scars and cuts, they are mending arduously

Still, you pick all your broken pieces, victoriously.

Better late than never, they say-

To rue the things you mistakenly commit all the way.

I'd say, never regret what you are doing today

Neither what you'll do tomorrow, okay?

From these years of being trapped in a cage-

To try to brawl, until finally escaped.

To you, who's strong in soul and might - fly high, fly higher, fly the highest

Because now, you are as free as a salient masterpiece.

© 2021 Anne Mitz Escal

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