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Salem's Lot, a Poem for Halloween

John is a long-time poet, short fiction, and article writer. He loves story-telling and also has a Certificate in Permaculture Design.


Salem's Lot

She comes from "out the night,"

That time of deepest fright

And eerie nightmares.

Her search was for someone,

And not to be unsung

Until her plan was done,

And she had no cares.

When Halloween was here

She filled their hearts with fear,

And hid in shadows.

There, by the full moon's light,

When fearful most take flight

From awful things that bite,

On this All Hallows Night.


"She's here! I warn you all.

Prepare that she may call

And you will regret.

You think she has forgot

The sins you'd rather not,

That you have beset?"

"At last you stress, I know.

Well, now you'll have a show'

If looks can frighten.

Beware the hollow tree

Where hung young Nell McPhee.

A witch they said, was she,

When the clock strikes ten."


"Just now you're running scared,

But even if she cared

Her ire will not cease.

And hiding in the dark

She soon will make her mark,

So heed the sound of larks

In the hanging tree."

So when she makes her move

I'm sure you'll wish you'd moved.

She'll have nothing to prove.

You should have studied!

For now, I'll take my leave,

Yours truly, Harold S Cleave.

But please don't be deceived,

This could get bloody."


In next week's Daily Pride

I saw a friend had died.

It was upsetting.

I read, "The town of Strife

Has lost another life

On this All Hallows Night."

Revenge unrelenting.

But, though I warned the town

They should have known by now.

Their ignorance astounds,

They will soon forget.

For although another bled,

In their complacent heads

Foolishness abounds.


Each year someone has died

And mourners always cry.

They just can't fathom why!

These executions,

They just don't seem to stop

On this one cursed spot,

Once called "Salem's Lot."

it's retribution!

Off the Shelf

I included this poem in my Off the Shelf series, even though I don't currently possess a hard copy of Salem's Lot by the master of horror, Stephen King. I used to have a copy years ago, but now I only have the eBook.

Stephen King wrote the novel Salem's Lot in 1975, and it was only his second published novel. In two separate interviews King said that, of all his books, Salem's Lot was his favourite.

The story involves a writer named Ben Mears who returns to the town of Jerusalem's Lot, Maine, where he had lived as a child, only to discover that the residents are turning into vampires. Wikipedia

© 2018 John Hansen

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