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Sailing to Your Heart


My heart has been stretched across unsettled waters, with a pain under my rib cage,

Blinded by the sun, but guided by hope that a new page will unfold over each wave,

That a story will surface in time, Will fill my lungs with words to sing center stage,

Words that will describe why I feel this strength when I think of you,

Why my boat sails with such fearlessness without a plan and only a one man crew,

All the while, my chest echoes a faint beat, but it grew like a whale breaching out of the blue,

My lungs filled with air, refreshed with life in an instant,

I grew wings and began to fly to a place in the distant,

A love that I never knew was existent, But our love was persistent,

Resistant to any hindrance insistent.


© 2018 Along with the wind

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