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Safe Haven: Searching for 'Home'

I'm an aspiring writer, poet, and author from the Philippines. Aiming to be a successful poet and author someday! :)

Pondering on “Safe Haven”.

First, let us define what ‘safe haven’ means.

It isn’t to be confused with “heaven”.

Safe Haven can be one’s sanctuary.

What’s a sanctuary?

A Sanctuary is something where you seek refuge.

Where you feel safe and warm.

It’s like a place to hold you together when you are breaking apart.

I remember a recollection in a church.

The priest talked about a certain pun, very clever but wise.

'Tahanan' In English, it means ‘home’ in direct translation.

A home should make you feel safe and comfortable.

A home is a place where people won’t make you cry or cause you pain.

If one member of the household is crying,

They should feel that the home is where they belong,

Yes, they can cry, and cry ‘till they feel better,

But with the people around them, they no longer should feel threatened or alone.

With the people within the circle of what we called home, they should feel

“Everything will be alright. As long as I have these people around."

'Tahan an' Is often a phrase used in Tagalog to console and comfort someone crying.

Noticed that the last syllable in ‘tahanan’ was just changed to “tahan na”.

More than any place in this cruel world, a home is considered your safe haven or sanctuary.

It is not a ‘home’ if it’s causing you any kind of abuse or harm.

It is not a ‘home’ if you feel suffocated and threatened.

It is not a ‘home’ if you feel that the people around you are not the support group you need.

It is not a ‘home’ if you’d cry more often than smile and enjoy their company.

It is not a ‘home’ if you always feel betrayed, and worthless

In that specific inner circle that people define as ‘home.'

In a 'home' you need to feel that you are loved.

A Safe Haven...

Is somewhere or someone you reach out to when you are troubled.

You run to them to feel safe, to get away with things that are bothering you,

You seek them for comfort and to make you happy.

No, problems won’t be fixed if you don’t confront them right away.

Oftentimes, people will intoxicate themselves with alcohol or smoke.

Some people will oversleep if things get so overwhelming and get out of control.

Some people will seek to eat a lot even after they are already full,

Just like drinking alcohol, they won’t stop until they puke or vomit.

It’s an unhealthy way of coping with whatever the problem is.

It is worse for people who don’t have a healthy support group/circle,

Those who have reached their limit, and can no longer do anything about it.

Or if their minds just go completely black.

If no one or nothing saves them... they may contemplate suicide.

We all need a safe haven.

Try to be that 'safe haven' for others,

And they, in turn, may be for you.

© 2021 Gianella Labrador

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