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Sadness Under Our Thumb

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It's About Time

I have tried before and had little to no success

When we are down and in the dumps

Who is there to pull us out ?

When we are facing a major crisis

Who stands by our side ?

All too often we crawl into hiding

Trying to forget everyone and everything

Thinking it will make us feel better

Anything has to be better than this

We can play the pity game

Why me ?

Then again why not

Why should someone else suffer and not us

We can go back and forth

But after awhile we will notice

This isn't helping

Actually this is making me feel worse

We can throw ourselves in our work

Keeping so busy we have no time to think

Until we come home exhausted and the same feelings will find their way back in

We can lock the doors

Shut all the windows

Even close all the curtains

There is no escaping

When we close our eyes

All our thoughts begin to rise

As if it was a steam up from the ground on a hot summer day

Until we learn to face our fears and insecurities head on

They will come back again and again

For me it's the thought of missing someone I love

I did all I could

I spent time enjoying every moment

That did not extend our time together

It just leaves me hanging in mid air

Like a cloud drifting and drifting

Until I see another one of my dear family members and friends pass away

How do I put all my sad deep emotions under one umbrella

Walking away if I need too

Coming back to explore even more

When I am mentally ready

It can be tricky and awfully hard

That doesn't mean it can't be done

It just means it is a very delicate situation and I have to handle it with care

I have courage or else I wouldn't be here

I have the skill and capability to make a bad situation better

I have to think

I have to think some more

Just when I think I am stumped

A small little thought comes to me

In the far corners of my mind

It starts off as only a few words

Then I rearrange them different ways

To get one sentence

From there I feel the need to write more

So I add one more line

Not knowing where I am going with this

I press on

I have confidence and faith in miracles

As I slowly make my way back to kindness

Thoughtfulness soon follows

These lovely people are part of my life

Because we both have found time for each other

They are the pillars for my foundation

It will never crumble

There is way too much support

What I have done is applied logic to my emotional state

I have carefully observed other people in their own painful discovery for years

The good thing is....

We both have learned how to share


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