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Abandoned Love

Abandoned love is always hurting, A person will try to forget but never will be able to do this.

Abandoned love


Abandoned Love

By, Musavir Abbas

I did all the calculations
The beginning is what she did, the end is what I did

I also wonder about abandoned love
I did what I didn't have to do

He wanted to see me scatter
So I celebrated it with care

There were scars on the dead face for many days
I defeated the caste in the mirror

In many days the silence of My house was broken
One day I did the word to myself

God restrained the weather
I took the dust storm slowly

This one Hijr also met with death
When you left, I made love generalize

The mood of grief found hobbies anyway
If I show my heart, I have done something

The paper boat that went on sale
So I made this journey in the name of love

The sun that was burning in my heart, Saud
I gave it to Abbas this evening


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