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Sad Eyes- Poem

A writer for ten years with. a severe case of wanderlust. She spends most her time with her head in the clouds.


Your sad eyes haunt me.

They bring me back to the day,

Our paths crossed for the first time.

You had a crooked smile, and easy laugh;

Concealing emotion so deep

all the oceans, in all the world

could be held inside.

Those sad eyes, whispered secrets

meant for only me.

I dove into their deepest recesses,

hoping to drown, in your crooked smile.

That easy laugh caught me,

Wrapping me in its warm embrace.

We floated in paradise.

You were my strength,

I your calm.

Sad eyes became, just a memory.

I had you, you had me.

For a while that was enough.

Lately life's been hard.

Your laugh has grown quiet,

your smile forced.

Those sad eyes, have returned,

when you think no-one's watching.

I see the pain, you put yourself through.

It's like all the problems, in all the world

are yours to bare alone.

You worry so much about me,

it eats you up inside.

You do not have to do this alone.

I have you, and you have me.

You are my strength,

let me be your calm.

Let yourself fall,

into my warm embrace.

find comfort in knowing,

In this moment, this is enough

We are enough.

You are enough.


© 2019 Lisa Chronister